Dear Diary

Beginning / Ending

I’ve been wanting to start this challenge for a while. Being the procrastinator that I am, I kept waiting for the right moment. There have been lots of moments when I could have begun; lots of moments in this year that have made me reflect on the nature of our world. So why is the urge to start the 365 day challenge coming to me on a rather uneventful, frigid Saturday?

As December creeps by humanity, most people stop to reflect on how their year has been. I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been a hell of a year. It’s difficult to remember the good moments of the year when there has been hit after hit of atrocities. A friend of mine once told me that no matter how bad emotions get, humans eventually always return to the same level of happiness, whatever that level may be. I think the world is really testing that theory this year. With each new day, it seems like we are lucky if there is only one headlining story of death or racism or idiocy. What are the options when we are under a constant barrage of bad news? Most of America resorts to being numb, becoming blissfully ignorant by turning off the news because all it shows is distaste. Or we become hopeless, because how can you look at the glass as half-full when there seems to be an unstoppable slow leak at the bottom. And some, the good few, become angry. They take the hurt and they turn it into change. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by these types of people. We work in an industry designed for change, that thrives by shaking things up. It’s hard to see the light when it seems like all there is is insolent darkness. Maybe there isn’t light. Maybe that's an optimistic Gemini talking. But at least we can strike a match and let it burn with the hope that it will ignite a bonfire in the ass of people who need a wake up call. And if 2016 hasn’t been enough of a wake up, I’d hate to see what the real one is.

Allison Graaff