Cottage Grove

Every city needs a story.

Wicked rhymes.

The quaint Oregon town of Cottage Grove needed a campaign refresh for their annual Main Street Trick-Or-Treat event.
We updated posters with fresh copy and graphics, expanded the campaign to surrounding towns, and introduced a new character named Jinx the Cat.

30 days of social media content were posted prior to the event, calling the community to come and help find Wanda, the missing character.

Teaser clue cards with information about the event were passed out at local stores in Cottage Grove, creating awareness for the event.

In addition to creating promotional materials, we also made a scavenger hunt for the event to keep kids and parents entertained and engage with the city.

Hired talent, wrote, and recorded a promotional spot for local radio stations.

Account Manager: Sonali Sampat
Strategist: Ricardo Gomez
Copywriter: Myself & Samantha Coffaro
Art Director: Paige DePaepeFemke Paanakker, & Courtney King
Agency: Allen Hall Advertising