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The Pearl Tavern

Great moments come from late night happy hour

Late night cheers.

The Pearl Tavern was made to celebrate the people of Portland, and boy do Portlanders love their happy hour. We branded the restaurant’s late night deal as “overtime”, and created an integrated campaign to get locals and visitors to the pulse of Portland. 



Flying is hard work that deserves a bite when you land.

People in Portland are incredibly proud of where they come from. We invited them to rep their zip code at the Pearl Tavern and enjoy happy hour with their neighbors.

This Oregon restaurant’s highest selling liquor was a Texas brand. We created social posts highlighting Oregon distilleries and spirits, and held monthly events where the Pearl Tavern bartenders would display how they craft the cocktail of the month with the chosen liquor during happy hour.

Editorial reviews of the Pearl Tavern were placed in the Alaska Airlines Magazine, so when travelers are in the air they can read all about the best place to eat once their feet hit the ground.

3% of all profits goes to helping kids across Oregon. That’s a pretty kickass fact that was hidden at the bottom of the menu where it warns you to not eat raw meat.
So we highlighted this feature in classy coasters. Cheers.

Account manager: Mason Martel
Strategist: Annie Whitfield
Media Planner: Macy Naughton
Art Director: Tessa Jackson
Copywriter: Allison Graaff